Whether you are a collector, investor, or just starting a new habit or investment, rest assured our seasoned numismatics expert and investment adviser professionals are ready to assist you.  We specialize in buying and selling numismatics gold & silver coins, as well as brokered transactions and investment type coins, bullions, and bars in all quantities. 


All transactions are treated the same regardless of the amount or size of the investment.  You will be served with highest levels of customer service providing you with most up-to-date current market value information for all your inquiries.


At Gold Exchange you can buy, sell, or trade: 

  • Gold Coins - US & Foreign

  • Silver Coins - US & Foreign

  • Gold Bullions & Bars

  • Silver Bullions & Bars

  • Gold & Silver US Mint Coins

  • Silver US Mint Coins – Pre 1964

  • American Eagle Gold Coins (all sizes)

  • Silver Eagle, Silver Buffalo

  • Sunshine Minting Silver coins, Apmex Silver

  • American Buffalo Gold Coin

  • Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, Chinese Panda, and more…