As a highly trusted national diamond dealer, we are affiliated and have access to the largest diamond dealers worldwide.  Trading diamonds is a specialized field and only companies with access to global diamond markets are capable of offering a truly fair market value. 

Selling Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to valuating a diamond, there's more than just the four C's to consider.  Here at Gold Exchange, our GIA trained professionals will explain all the details while placing the proper value on diamonds. Here at Gold Exchange, our goal is to simply ensure you will receive the highest amount by informing you of all the details affecting the value of your jewelry.  Well known designers and antique jewelry may be worth more than their weight in precious metal and stones.

Shopping for Diamonds

Here at Gold Exchange we are confident to be able to offer you better prices for diamonds of any shapes, cuts, and quality and we encourage you to compare our prices.  No Matter what the occasion for buying a diamond, we can help you find that perfect diamond that will not only be a beautiful brilliant diamond, but it will also be well within your budget. 

With great amount of experience in the field, our staff at Gold Exchange will explain everything you need to know about diamonds including the 4 cā€™s that characterize a diamond.   The Four C's refer to carat, color, clarity and cut.  These are characteristics that determine a diamond's quality and value.  At Gold Exchange, you will find your diamond buying experience rewarding, educating, and fun all at the same time.